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Florals- the Trend that Just Won't End!

We made it to summer!  The days seem longer because it's lighter later.  Sticky summer days make way for warm evening breezes and we can finally entertain and play outstide!  One way to tell that summer is here is in all the fun flowery blooms.  Fashion follows suit.  Florals are always in! 

You'll see polka dots with florals, stripes and prints, bright and muted tones.  Dresses, shorts, kimonos, tanks, and cover-ups- they all have that summery floral feeling.  Jewelry and scarves and accesories are even fond of the floral trend.

And the floral wave isn't just for fashion...Home decor just got a little more sassy with floral pillows, towels, throws and wall hangings... so much fun!

Step into a fun, flirty floral dress and express your happiness that summer is here and let's  love it while it lasts!  One thing is for sure, though, Florals are the trend that just won't end!

Happy Summer!