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Have Faith, We've Got This!

During these times of turmoil, it's easy to be worried and even be a little fearful.  But let's keep open minds and open hearts.  Now is the time for Faith, and remember that, this too shall pass.  So during this stay-home period, do a little inspirational reading, spend time with your family, play games together and remember to have a little fun!   We stock some great books that make for great reading at this time, and we would love to send one to you if it's something that piques your interest.  After you're finished reading it, pass it along to a family memeber or friend when it's safe to do so again.  Our store is closed, for now,during Covid 19, but our website is always open.   

I hope you get some pleasure and fun just looking at the website and some of our new inventory.  We have new giving & Good Works bracelets and inspirational t-shirts and sweatshirts like the ones we have from Southern Bliss. 

The other thing I want to let you all know is that even though we aren't adding names to our prayer wall right now, we continue to pray for all the names on our prayer list.  God has great things in store for all of us and the challenge for us now is to keep moving forward, carry on and to aspire to be the best versions of ourselves.  My prayer for all of you is to stay healthy, happy and blessed!