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Luck of the Irish & the 3 Leaf Clover

St. Patrick's Day has been celebrated on March 17th since 1903 to mark the death of the Patron Saint, the day when we all being Irish, whether we are or not. Did you know that St Patrick wasn't even Irish?  He was British and his name was Maewyn Succat.  Maewyn was captured and enslaved by Irish raiders.  After escaping, he joined the Catholic Church and changed his name to Patricius or Patrick and then became a Christian missionary and returned to Ireland.  According to the legend of St. Patrick he used the three leaf clover to explain the Trinity.  Patrick spent 30 years converting the Irish and died in 461 and became the Patron Saint of Ireland even though he was British!  Irish immigrants brought the tradition of attending church and gathering for feasts to the United States in the early 1700s and today we celebrate by drinking green beer and celebrating all things Irish.  So celebrate and have fun, get your green on and I wish you all the luck of the Irish!