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No Need To Be Blue About This Color!

 BLUE HUES!  The Color of 2020.

So this year the color that everyone is talking about is Classic Blue.  That's because it's Pantone's color of the year.  Now there isn't a girl out there who doesn't look good in blue-  so that's great news for all of us!  Whether it's your favorite blue jeans or a cool denim jacket... throw on a fun blue scarf in cool tones or warm ones.  Jewelry in blue topaz, aqua calcedony, turquoise or saphire... now who wouldn't want something semi-precious or sparkly to add to an outfit?  Blouses, tops and dresses in soft cottons, felts, velvets and fleece in any color blue allows one to dress up or dress down.  And at home, our interiors are painted in blue-tones and pillows and throws in the same always seem to match whatever color-scheme we're utilizing.  Blue is a peaceful, soothing color, which is why it is often used in bedrooms, and yet it is always there to give us a pop of color when we need it.  Blue- in any hue- doesn't make me mad... or sad!  Love me some blue!