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Welcome to a New Decade in Fashion!

Set your intentions now and wear them all year long.  I just got back from the largest gathering of everything fashion in the world.  Designers, artisans and trend-setters all gathered in one spot to allow all of us in the industry the chance to see what's new for 2020.  We got a look at all the chic spring clothing and fun accessories and even a look ahead to Fall.  But let's not jump the gun  We're all getting excited for Spring and this year we're looking at muted soft colors, geo and tribal prints and of course florals, which are always in style.  The muted colors you'll see for spring are the soft blushes, blue, green & turquoise hues, yellows and mustards and terra cottas and soft browns & sands.  Wait until you see all the sweet dresses, delightful embroidered and lace tops and effortless spring sweaters and shirts that will be making their way into our Boutiqe for Spring.  Look forward to new designers and delights, keeping you ahead when it comes to style. You can dress in comfort, yet still look cool.  I know I've set my intentions to dress just that way!