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What Did You Wear on Your First Date?

Think back to when you were all excited to go on that first date with your boyfriend or husband... or maybe you don't have to think back that far and it's your current significant other that you've got on your mind.  What did you wear for a special occasion, an important event or exciting time in your life?  I bet you can remember it, or at least have pictures of that special time.

Isn't it fun to get dressed up?  And by the way, it doesn't have to be something fancy, just something special.  Taking the time to pick out an outfit, or try on multiple outfits is all part of the excitement of preparing for a new and special occasion.  That's why clothes are so much fun!  Nowadays, just getting out, going to a restaurant & dining outside or meeting the girls for coffee or shopping, is reason enough to put on some fun shorts, a pretty top, a floral dress or a bright kimono!  

Boutiques offer you that ability to find a one-of-a-kind, or "something cute & different to wear" experience.  So plan a special event-  a second date, or just a date with your hubby or friend... throw on a new outfit and go out there and have some fun & look great doing it!  Go grab some pizza, celebrate a Birthday, or just get out and have some fun...

Happy dating!